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    Trout Flies: Hendrickson Transitional Nymph (Emerger)

    Fly Tying Patterns

     The Hedrickson Transitional CDC  Nymph is an excellent trout pattern to use for the ephemerella subvaria  emergence (Hendrickson) here in Michigan. The use of CDC in mayfly patterns like this one, was originated by Rene Harrop. Rene is the proprietor of the House of Harrop which can be found on the Henry's Fork in Island Park, Idaho. While this pattern originated in the west, it can generate excellent results here in Michigan or anywhere Hendrickson hatches occur.


    The Recipe:

    HOOK:  Standard dry fly size 14

    THREAD:  Brown 6/0 ? 8/0

    WEIGHT:  Wire  (optional)

    TAIL:  Wood duck flank or mallard

    ABDOMEN:  Emerger brown

    WING:  (Dun) CDC feather

    THORAX:  Rust (dry fly)

    LEGS:  Wood duck


    *Other popular emergers:  floating nymphs, red quill


    Family: ephemerellidae
    Genus: ephemerella
    Species: subvaria
    Common Name: Hendrickson

    Nymphs  (larvae)  - nymphs live about one year, feeding on algae and other plant matter.  There are 4 types of nymphs; clingers, crawlers, swimmers, and burrowers.  At the end of this one year stage the nymph swims to the surface and sheds its exoskeleton.  This transition is known as emerging.  This emergence can happen quickly or in some cases the nymph may struggle for quite sometime or never complete this phase resulting in some stillborn or crippled.  In any event, if you don?t see many flies ?hatching? but trout are feeding, there?s a good chance it?s this transitional ?emerger? that?s the main course - Bruce Derington


    Fishing Instructions

    Emerger patterns should be fished just below or floating in the surface film. The CDC will hold the pattern in the surface film. Do not add dry fly floatants as it is not neccessary and will hinder the floating quality of CDC which has natural preen oil and small tiny fibers that trap air. A quick tug on the line will force this fly under the surface film when desired. 


    Emergence Schedule

    Peak is usually the first two weeks of April depending on the weather with  

    50 - 55 degree water temp optimal. Time is in the afternoons.


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    Posted on Tuesday, February 04 @ 23:53:24 UTC by admin

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