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    Knots and Rigging: Double Surgeon's Knot - Tippet to Leader

    Fly Fishing Knots

    The Double Surgeon's Knot is a perfect knot to attach your tippet to you leader.

    This is an easy fly fishing knot to tie and is best used to join two different diameter lines together. On tapered leaders that you purchase pre-made, the leader is tapered from the butt (the thick side attached to your fly line) down to the other end. Some pre-made leaders are all ready for you to tie on your fly as they have the right diameter sized line at the end. Since the tip of your leader and your tippet diameter are usually going to be different in size, the Double Surgeons's Knot is the best choice. You can use the Nail Knot when the diameters are very close in size, as it will have a higher breaking strength under those conditions.

    A great tip is to clip back a small section of the pre-made leader tip and then tie in your own tippet based on the size fly you will be presenting. This way as you attach new flies to your tippet when changing them on the stream, you can simply tie on a new tippet to the leader when it gets to short. That way you won't be reducing the effective length or design of the pre-made leader every time you tie on a new fly. They last longer that way and you get more casts.



    Step 1 The Double Surgeon's Knot requires the leader and tippet to be placed side-by-side so they overlap (for about 6") with ends facing in opposite directions.

    Step 2 - Pinch the standing leader and tippet tag end with the left thumb and forefinger and use the right hand to tie an overhand knot with the leader tag end and the tippet.

    Step 3 -The entire length of the tippet must be passed completely through the overhand knot loop; even tough the leader tag end is only about 5" long. Don't tighten the completed overhand knot!

    Step 4 - Grasp the completed loop with the left hand and make another pass through the same overhand knot, passing the full length of the tippet and the leader tag end through a second time.

    Draw the loop down by simultaneously pulling on leader and tippet. Moisten the loop; grasp the leader and tippet tag on the left with your left hand, and the tippet and leader tag on the right with your right hand. Pull all four ends simultaneously to snug the knot tight. Trim tag ends.

    Your almost ready to go fishing. Now that you have your tippet tied to your leader, lets look at a couple of great fly fishing knots to tie your flies to the end of your line.

    Click on a Link Below to view the appropriate fly-fishing knots

    (1) Arbor Knot - Used to for connecting your backing to the fly reel.
    (2) Albright Knot - For connecting your fly line to your backing.
    (3) Nail Knot - For connecting your leader to your fly line.
    You are here --> (4) Double Surgeons Knot - Used to connect your tippet to your leader.
    (5) Improved Clinch Knot - A knot for connecting your fly to your tippet.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 20 @ 07:00:50 UTC by admin

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