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    Ask the DNR a Question and get a Response!

    Michigan News release writes "Many time we want to ask questions of the DNR and we think or even try to get someone on the phone or even stop by an office trying to get a simple question answered or we may even want to just share a concern with the hopes that someone will at least listen to what we "the tax payer" have to say.

    Well it seems that using e-mail works. What follows is a question asked with an answer direct from the DNR.


    We were fishing on Lake Huron out of Port Austin in 150 feet of water. Marking fish soild at 60 ft and down around 120 ft. The fish were not activly feeding and the Lakers we caught the stomachs were empty.. After discussions with other fisherman around the aera this has been a consistant find for about the last 4 to 6 weeks. Do you have any reason for this current situation ?


    Response (Lynne Thoma) DNR

    It's unfortunate that modern fish - finders can mark fish so accurately, but not tell us what kind of fish they are! If these fish are indeed salmon. steelheads, or lake trout, it is possible that they're doing their feeding at night. Recent research with electronic, archiving tags surgically implanted in salmon indicates that they are often very active after dark and much less so during the daylight hours.

    It should also be noted that the unusual weather patterns this summer (lots of fronts moving through with a lot of north, northeast, and east winds) have moved most of the warmer surface waters to the southern end of Lake Huron and interfered with the normal temperature stratification that usually makes for good salmon fishing. In places in the lake, we have water temperatures in the 60's (too warm to be comfortable for salmon) to depths of 80 feet or more. When the water is warmer than the fish find comfortable, they either leave the area entirely or go off their feed. I believe this is the reason we've experienced poorer salmon and lake trout fishing in the Thumb region this year than in recent years. In contrast, salmon fishing in the north end of the lake, up around Rogers City where the water is colder, is pretty good right now and they're getting bigger fish up there. Salmon in particular are notorious for moving all over the lake in a search for optimum water temperatures and forage conditions. If they don't find what they want off the Thumb, they just go someplace else!

    It's not that unusual to find nothing in the stomachs of fish that you catch. When we do surveys using nets, it's routine to find 50 or 60 percent of the fish have empty stomachs. Fish don't eat three meals a day like people do, and they can go for long periods without eating at all. In addition, when you catch a fish on hook and line, the fish may regurgitate its stomach contents during the fight. I have personally seen this happen dozens of times.

    I would encourage anyone who has a question to ask it using the following e-mail address from the DNR.


    Posted on Saturday, September 27 @ 11:08:49 UTC by admin

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