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    Fishing the Grand River in Ontario

    Guides Corner release writes "We made our annual run to the Grand River this year and the Fishing on dries was as good as it gets.

    This year we decided to do our trip in two day fashion and drift the lower river for that wild strain of Rainbow?s I?ve heard so much about. Our first day myself and two other anglers from the shop fished the upper reaches of the grand. This area has been made very popular over the past few years, so we weren?t sure what to expect. John Valk of Grindstone Outfitters assured us that it would be very manageable with not a lot of other fisherman fishing at this time of the week. Well I have to tell you we saw only three other anglers the entire day. We also found lots of big, I mean twenty plus inch class Brown Trout feeding on dry flies in the middle of the day. The hatches were prolific with Blue winged olives, Caddis, March Browns and Cahills all hatching at the same time.

    There was a time where there were four fish over eighteen inches rising to caddis in an area no larger than two parking spaces. A couple of those fish were definitely over twenty and closer to twenty-five inches. Just gorgeous fish most all are wild and very strong swimmers.

    The next day we left the put-in area about 2 PM to catch the evening bug hatch. We stripped streamers for Smallies way down with great success. I love those Smallmouth. I took one fish not much larger than the fly itself. We were using six to eight inch flies, so we took mostly larger fish. We got below a creek outlet and the blue-wing olive spinner fall was the best I?ve seen anywhere. The fishing there was very, very, very technical. You had to have the right drift or you would put the fish down. We landed fish in the ten inch range and saw many larger fish feeding and had no takers. These fish are wild fish not stockers like you see in most Midwest Rivers. No fin clips just bright Rainbows, I mean bright as one of those Canadian dimes.

    As I always do, we used the guys from Grindstone. Contact them at 905-689-0880 or click here >>Ontario Fly Fishing with Grindstone they provide the best possible chance for hooking and landing these browns and rainbows. John Valk is a great friend and provides a great service. Everyone should fish with him at least once.

    Posted on Sunday, June 13 @ 19:54:22 UTC by admin

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