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    A Change of Seasons - Fly Rod and Gun

    Fly Fishing News Jerry Kunnath of Fly Rod & Gun shares his thoughts about the transition from summer to fall and this special time for Michigan outdoorsmen in this nice article.

    ? ? ? A Change of Seasons

    By Jerry Kunnath - Fly Rod and Gun

    The days are getting shorter and shorter. The sun dips to the horizon earlier each day and awakes later. Some trees are already showing signs of color. Squirrels are cutting branches, and building sturdier nests in the tops of the oaks. The end of August rains come and go, wetting the summer parched ground with their moisture. The evenings are cooling more than they did a few weeks ago, making sleep a little easier, letting you dream of what is to come. All the signs of a major change are there, of the impending about face of nature. The time of growing is coming to an end. The time of sleep is coming, but we only see a hint of it now. But it is surely on its way, as it has been for eons.

    This is the end of summer. It is a time that whets my appetite for all that is outdoors. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The cooler weather chills the waters of both lakes and streams, ending the late summer doldrums. Fish and animals start to realize that they need to eat more to prepare for the coming winter. Brown trout start up the rivers from the lakes on their spawning runs, more susceptible to my presented flies. Steelhead, those magnificent, acrobatic beauties, start moving up the rivers, along with their cousins the salmon, looking for gravel in which to lay their eggs and start the next generation of fish. Here in Michigan, on September 15th, the start of small game season signals the beginning of the hunt. Wood***** will be found, if you are skilled and lucky. They will be found in wet river bottoms, searching with their flexible bills in the moist loam for earthworms. Soon, they will be headed south on their seasonal migration, startling to the skies, clicking as they climb, as wary hunters miss them with three shots. Soon after, they will be joined in their flight paths by many ducks and geese. The ducks and geese, gliding towards ponds, responding to the scratchy calls of hunters hidden among the reeds, waiting for a chance to replenish their feather caches for the winter fly tying season. Grouse, found by pointers, setters and retrievers, fill the air with the sound of their beating wings, as hunters wait with poised shotguns near the dogs. Some of the knowing fly fishers, those that don?t hunt or those that just choose to fish, take advantage of the near deserted stream banks, trying to entice a salmon or steelie to pick up their green cadis or egg pattern as it drifts silently by with the current. Fall is one of the most active times of the year in the outdoors.

    The end of August always signals me to get my ?fall? gear ready. It is a time to dream of rod busting salmon runs, grouse rising in a covey, ducks setting their wings for a landing, steelhead leaping out of the water to toss a hook, while I mend winter waders. It is a time to wax the string on my bow, to count and clean the decoys that have sat in the garage for the past year. It is a time to inventory my deer hunting gear, and sew patches on my old traditional wool hunting pants. It is a time to reflect on the coming season. To wonder what it has in store for me this year. A time to pull an old pair of boot socks out of the chest and fondly recall past hunt camps spent with long trusted friends and loyal dogs. And to remember that some of those dogs and some of those friends are now long gone themselves. It is also a time to be thankful for having had been able to make those memories. A time to be hopeful that you can be there to make many more.

    While summer is still here, and we may still face some hot weather, this time of year always is welcome to me. I take time to prepare for the fall, my favorite time of year. And I take time to dream. To dream of the coming season. The change of seasons.

    Autumn in Michigan

    Steve Kunnath with an Elk Steelie

    Waiting for the Ducks

    Winter Farmland Goose hunt

    Jerry and Steve with a UP Grouse

    Marty Kovack and "Maggie"

    ? Jerry Kunnath - Fly Rod & Gun

    Posted on Wednesday, August 28 @ 09:00:49 UTC by admin

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