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    Fly Tying
    [ Fly Tying ]

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    Fly tiers: Dave Whitlock's Trout Fly Boxes revealed!

    Fly Tying Ever wonder what Dave has in his Trout fly boxes? Well, now you'll know if you read below. Brought to you courtesy of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

    Ever wonder what Dave Whitlock has in his Trout fly boxes? This is a description of the fly patterns in Dave's general utility fly box for trout.

    The content is from the book, Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods, By Dave Whitlock and was first published at the Federation of Fly Fishers web site.

    BOX NO. 1

    General Utility Box. I carry this box in my vest wherever I trout fish. It is stocked with a selection of general aquatic and terrestrial imitations in a range of medium small (size 16) to medium-large (size 4) patterns. Most fly designs in this box simulate the largest possible range of foods, water situations, and seasons.


    Size 16 to 4, 3XL carried on clips with extras sutured in one compartment)

    TYPE A (weighted, simple, impressionistic, soft-fur bodied)
    1. Dave's Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, sizes 6 to 16
    2. Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear, sizes 10-14
    3. Polly's Casual Dress, sizes 6 to 8
    Soft-Hackled Flies:
    1. Partridge and Muskrat, size 14
    2. Partridge and Pea*****, size 14
    3. Partridge and Primrose Muskrat, size 16
    TYPE B (weighted, impressionistic-imitative, soh-fur bodied)
    1. Dave's Swimming Shrimp, sizes 10-14
    2. Dave's Sowbug, sizes 14, 16
    3. Dave's Damsel Nymph: dark brown, sizes 8, 10, tan, sizes 8, 10 olive, sizes 10,12
    4. Dave's Dragonfly: dark black-brown, size 6, light olive-brown, sizes 4-6
    5. Whit Darkstone, size 4
    6. Whit Goldenstone, size 6
    7. Whit Yellowstone size 10
    8. Hexagenia Wiggle-Nvmph, size 8
    9. Brown Drake, size 10

    Weighted, chenille or fur bodies on 3XL hooks with saddle hackle wrapped sparsely. Design: tail/body/hackle/back

    1. Red wool/black chenille/soft furnace/pea***** herl, sizes 4,8
    2. Grizzly tip/pea***** herl/gold oval tinsel/grizzly, size 10
    3. Short red marabou/golden yellow/grizzly/pea***** herl, size 10
    4. Grizzly tip/pea***** herl/darkest furnace/no back, size 4
    5. Fluorescent red yarn/bright insect-green and silver tinsel/grizzly/pea***** herl, size 8
    Dry Flies
    1. Adams sizes 12-16
    2. Royal Wulff' size 10
    3. White Wulff, size 12
    4. Humpy, sizes 10-16
    5. Deer-hair Caddis, sizes 12, 14
    6. Borger Tan-and-Grizzly Polycaddis, sizes 10-16
    7. Dave's Hopper, sizes 8, 12
    8. Dave's Cricket, sizes 8, 12
    9. Black Deer-hair Ant, sizes 14, 16
    10. Muddler Minnow, sizes 8, 10
    1. Whitlock Sculpin (weighted), size 6
    2. Olive Matuka (weighted), size 8
    3. Muddler Minnow, sizes 4, 8
    4. White Marabou Muddler size 8
    5. Yellow Marabou Muddler, size 8
    6. Thunder Creek Marabou (yellow and black, weighted), size 8
    7. Thunder Creek Marabou Black-Nosed Dace (weighted), size 4
    8. Silver Matuka Spruce (weighted), size 6
    9. Black Bunny Streamer (rabbit matuka, weighted), size 4

    Posted on Wednesday, October 30 @ 21:37:36 UTC by admin

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