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    Fish of the Great Lakes
    [ Fish of the Great Lakes ]

    ·Smallmouth bass on a fly
    ·Coho Salmon
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    ·Smallmouth Bass
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     Steelhead Patterns: Joe's Canadian Stone - A Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns  

    Joes Canadian Stone - Here is an awesome stonefly pattern that works very well for Ontario Steelhead waters like the Saugeen River. This is a Joe Penich pattern and in Canada they use seal dubbing. In the U.S. we substitute Psudo Seal from Spirit River to create that ultimate buggy look. This pattern is a producer for all Great Lakes Steelhead waters. Tie one up and give it a drift.

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     Steelhead Patterns: Estaz Egg - A popular steelhead morsel

    Fly Tying Patterns  Pattern instructions for a productive egg pattern for Great Lakes Steelhead

    Note: Need materials for Michigan flies? Schmidt Outfitters stocks just about everything imaginable for the fly tier. Fly Tying Materials at Schmidt's. Wellston Michigan - Manistee river
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     Steelhead Patterns: Mysis Shrimp - For Great Lakes Steelhead - Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns  Herb writes "

    Megan's Mighty Mysis by Herb Seymour

    Mysis relicta, commonly called Opossum shrimp, are a key food source in the Great Lakes for forage fish like sculpin, rainbow smelt, and alewife. They also contribute significantly to a steelhead's diet. Guesstimates are running as high as 70 percent of their food intake. But what's more important is that steelhead seem to relish the tasty delight when they make their run into the rivers

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     Steelhead Patterns: The PM Caddis - Steelhead Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns  Possibly the most effective steelhead nymph ever, the PM Caddis is an easy to tie imitation of the Rhyacophila caddis larvae that get dislodged from the gravel when steelhead are spawning. .
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     Steelhead Patterns: Black Rump Stone

    Fly Tying Patterns  Tied with black pheasant rump feathers, this Jeff  "Bear" Andrews Steelhead pattern is very buggy and just plain looks alive in the water. This is a great pattern when you have some color in the river or under low light conditions.
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