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     Knots and Rigging: Surgeon's End Loop Knot

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    Another variation on the loop is the Surgeon's end loop knot. This is an easy knot to tie when you desire a end loop in your leader or fishing line.


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     Knots and Rigging: Perfection Loop

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Perfection Loop knot is designed to easily create a end loop in your leader or when you wish to connect your fly line and leader in a loop to loop connection. If you use a heavy butt section of mono and nail knot that section to your fly line, you can create a simple perfection loop in the mono section. Most pre-made leaders like Climax come already with a perfection loop in the butt section. Simply slip the leader loop through the mono butt loop and create a loop to loop connection easily without tying a knot (assuming you have a perfection loop on both ends)

    Some complain that this loop to loop connection creates a slight hinge effect where the loop to loop connection is made and prefer to blood knot the mono butt section to the leader. I rarely experience this effect when using a stiff butt section made from Maxima or Mason leader material.  - Jeff

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     Knots and Rigging: Dropper Loop

    Fly Fishing Knots  The Dropper Loop is a knot that can be used to create a loop in your leader or tippet that can then be used to attach another fly on the same line. Since the loop is angled away from your "main line" it helps to keep things from getting tangled. This knot is most used by conventional anglers when rigging up live bait rigs with the weight attached at the bottom and a snelled hook leader attached to the loop.
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     Knots and Rigging: Palomar Knot

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Palomar Knot is easy to tie, exceptionally strong, and very popular with bass fishing pros for tying on jigs and worm hooks with conventional tackle.  It's somewhat awkward to tie when using large flies, but it is the recommended knot for braided lines.

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     Knots and Rigging: Fly Fishing Knots

    Fly Fishing Knots  Learning to tie basic fly fishing knots is easy. Here is a complete list of knots and instructions to get your started with a new outfit or polishing up on your skills.
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     Knots and Rigging: The Arbor Knot - Attach Backing to Reel

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Arbor Knot

    The Arbor Knot is used as the basic connection for anchoring backing to the reel arbor (or spool center)

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     Knots and Rigging: Albright Knot - Fly Line to Backing

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Albright Knot is a perfect knot to attach you fly line to you fly reel backing. Easy to learn and effective. This knot slides through your guides well when a fish takes you into your backing ( a real good thing!

    Start by unwinding 2-3 feet of fly line from the plastic spool it came on (make sure you unwind the end marked ""this end to reel").

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     Knots and Rigging: Nail Knot - Leader to Fly Line

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Nail Knot is a perfect knot to attach your leader to fly line.

    Slightly more complicated than the Albright Knot, the Nail Knot offers a smooth finish which helps your leader slide through the eyes and guides on your fly rod. You may use the Albright Knot for the leader to line but the Nail Knot offers a smoother connection between your leader and line.The Nail Knot requires a small diameter tube, such as the barrel of a ballpoint pen, a nail knot toot or other similar object about twice the diameter of the fly line. Using a small diameter tube makes the knot easier to tie.

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     Knots and Rigging: Double Surgeon's Knot - Tippet to Leader

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The Double Surgeon's Knot is a perfect knot to attach your tippet to you leader.

    This is an easy fly fishing knot to tie and is best used to join two different diameter lines together. On tapered leaders that you purchase pre-made, the leader is tapered from the butt (the thick side attached to your fly line) down to the other end. Some pre-made leaders are all ready for you to tie on your fly as they have the right diameter sized line at the end. Since the tip of your leader and your tippet diameter are usually going to be different in size, the Double Surgeons's Knot is the best choice. You can use the Nail Knot when the diameters are very close in size, as it will have a higher breaking strength under those conditions.

    A great tip is to clip back a small section of the pre-made leader tip and then tie in your own tippet based on the size fly you will be presenting. This way as you attach new flies to your tippet when changing them on the stream, you can simply tie on a new tippet to the leader when it gets to short. That way you won't be reducing the effective length or design of the pre-made leader every time you tie on a new fly. They last longer that way and you get more casts.

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     Knots and Rigging: Improved Clinch Knot - Fly to Tippet

    Fly Fishing Knots  

    The final knot needed to put it all together is the Improved Clinch Knot, which we recommend for tying a fly to your tippet. This is an easy fly fishing knot to tie and can be used for just about any diameter line.The turle knot is also very good, especially on dry flies as it helps them ride upright on the drift. We will cover the Turle Knot later.

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