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    Fly Fishing Information Center: Fish of the Great Lakes

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     Smallmouth bass on a fly

    Fish of the Great Lakes  jerrykunnath writes "Smallmouth Bass on a Fly
    A Michigan Stream and Lake Small Mouthing Bonanza
    By Jerry Kunnath
    [Originally published in the Great Lakes Sportfishing News]

    Those of us that live in or near the Great State of Michigan can thank our lucky stars for the multitude of outdoor sporting opportunities that exist here in our area. Not only can we hunt, camp, trap, hike or whatever on a bounty of public lands but we can enjoy some of the best fly-fishing in the world on the largest bodies of fresh water on the planet. The thousands of miles of great lakes shoreline, the thousands of miles of streams and rivers, and the thousands of inland lakes offer us fishing choices far beyond the wildest dreams of most outdoors people elsewhere in the world. Besides the plethora of places to fish, we are blessed by the fact that we have so many different species from which to choose. One of my favorite species to target here in Michigan is the feisty, smallmouth bass.

    Read More... | 8233 bytes more | Score: 4.40

     Species: Coho Salmon

    Fish of the Great Lakes  

    Coho Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

    Identifying characteristics: Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, inside of mouth black and gums between teeth gray, small spots on upper tail, 13-15 rays in anal fin.

    Read More... | 2123 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.62

     Species: Pink Salmon

    Fish of the Great Lakes  

    Pink Salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

    Identifying characteristics: Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, dark mouth and gums, large oval black spots on tail and back (lake-run mostly silver), 13-17 rays in anal fins.

    Read More... | 2116 bytes more | Species | Score: 4.32

     Species: Steelhead

    Fish of the Great Lakes  Steelhead - Salmo gairdneri

    Steelhead is a name given to rainbow trout which live n the Great lakes. Rainbow trout are native to the Pacific Ocean along North America and to rivers and other fresh waters of North America west of the Rocky Mountains. They are a popular game fish, and for this reason have been introduced all over the United States.

    Read More... | 3252 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.76

     Species: Bluegill

    Fish of the Great Lakes  Bluegill make for great time for kids and parents alike. Easy to catch and very plentiful, they will take a fly without hesitation. Fly fishing is probably the most effective method besides dunking worms. Its cheaper and more fun for sure.
    Read More... | 3268 bytes more | Species | Score: 4.08

     Species: Largemouth Bass

    Fish of the Great Lakes  

    Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmides

    Identifying characteristics: Two dorsal fins with a deep notch between spinous and soft-rayed portions, body longer than deep, upper jaw extends beyond rear of eye, dark lateral streak.

    Read More... | 2282 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.81

     Species: Smallmouth Bass

    Fish of the Great Lakes  Infomation about the smallmouth bass. How to identify them and what they eat and what they do.
    Read More... | 2703 bytes more | Species | Score: 4.38

     Species: Northern Pike

    Fish of the Great Lakes  Northern pike put up a good fight on the fly. They attack the fly rather voraciously and are fun to catch on a fly rod. Many lakes and even rivers have good populations of pike in Michigan.
    Read More... | 2864 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.45

     Species: Muskellunge

    Fish of the Great Lakes  

    Muskellunge Esox masquinongy

    Identifying characteristics: Single dorsal fin, upper half of cheek and gill cover has scales, body and dorsal fin have dark spots on lighter backgrounds.

    Read More... | 2783 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.62

     Species: Atlantic Salmon

    Fish of the Great Lakes  

    Latin Name :Salmo salar

    Atlantic Salmon Identifying characteristics: Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, narrow pointed tongue with four to six small teeth, dark pectoral fins, forked tail, nine rays in anal fin.

    Read More... | 2601 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.33

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