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    Fly Fishing Information Center: Fly Tying

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     Recipe for Fly Tying Success-About Mike Moreau

    Fly Tying  jerrykunnath writes "RECIPE FOR FLY TYING SUCCESS
    By Jerry Kunnath
    [previously published in the Michigan Outdoor news]

    A fly fisher profile

    Mike Moreau has been guiding fly fishers on his local north-east Michigan trout streams since 1995. This married father of two boys loves fly fishing almost as much as he loves the streams and rivers on which he guides clients. Mike spends more than 150 days a year on the water with fly rod in hand. And as he states in his bio at his website, his days on the water are documented since he has kept a journal of his fishing for many years now. Mr. Moreau is also an avid and talented fly tyer. Each year Mike ties over 100 dozen flies for his personal use, his clients, and for varied fly shops throughout the State. Mike is proud of the fact that he is a self-taught fly tyer and fly fisher. He relates how as a boy he spent many days with his father, near their home, hiking through Upper Peninsula woods and swamps on their way to fish for brookies in some of the local streams. Now, Mike passes that self taught knowledge on to others in his fly fishing and fly casting classes and through his interesting and informative guided fishing trips. Mike says that 'A guided trip should not only be relaxed and fun, it should also be informative.' While on the stream, whether in a drift boat or on a walk and wade trip, Mike is willing to share his knowledge of local history, fishing lore, conservation and nature. His trips not only deliver some great trout fishing opportunities, they also give his clients valuable knowledge of the whole eco-system. After all, a fisher who understands the fish's environment can be a better conservationist."
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     Brown Drake Macro Photo

    Fly Tying  I just posted a macro picture I took of a brown drake here on the site. This male Ephemera simulans represents some of the drakes that were still hatching by Mackinaw city this last weekend. There is also a link to a picture of a female brown drake. You can zoom the picture and scroll around the full size image taken with a 100 mm Canon Macro Lens on a Canon 10d Digital SLR body. Requires Macromedia Flash for viewing. Enjoy the shot crew!
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     Ray Schmidt's Hex Nymph Fly Pattern

    Fly Tying  

    By Ray Schmidt

    Like most of us that began Steelhead fly fishing in the Great Lakes region back in the early 1970's, frustration was the order of the day. Watching bait anglers using spinning gear catch fish after fish, when we went on for days with nothing lead me to rethink my method. Methods are a whole other story. What I observed was anglers using a bait that they called "wigglers". In reality the wiggler is a giant mayfly nymph know as "hexagenia limbata". Steelhead and other fish love them; they're a mouth full and then some. Lake Michigan tributary streams are loaded with this mayfly and Steelhead grew up in their natal streams eating them. When they return to those streams they remember "imprinted" the nymph and eat them as adults. Bingo! The Hex Nymph was born.

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     Events: Michigan Fly Tying Expo Dec 6 2003

    Fly Tying  The Great Lakes Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers will host the 5th Annual Fly Tying Exposition at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, Michigan on Saturday, December 4, 2004. The expo will be open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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     Pea***** Ice Stone Pattern

    Fly Tying  

    Well it's just about salmon and steelhead time here in the Great Lakes. Late summer salmon are already invading some of our great rivers and dawn and dusk is the time to target them. In low light conditions the salmon and steelhead are very active. Dark patterns create the best profile for the fish to see as they actually stand out better then light colors. That's why we usually don't fish white at night.

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     Streamers - Fly Tying with Mike Martinek

    Fly Tying  Tier Mike Martinek spent a day at Flymart this past Saturday, conducting a streamer fly tying seminar for a captivated audience. I was one of the "students" who had eagerly awaited this class as Mike is a internationally known fly tier whom has advanced many "New England style" streamer fly designs and has a long history tying "Rangeley style" steamers made famous by Mrs. Carrie G. Stevens (1882 -1970). Here is the FMO update...
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     Dyna-King Kingfisher Fly Tying Kit

    Fly Tying  release writes "For many years we have looked for a fly tying kit, with a high quality vise, at an affordable price. Dyna-King came up with it!

    The Dyna-King "Kingfisher" vise, included in this new Kingfisher fly tying kit, was produced for the budget minded person with quality on their mind. They didn't sacrifice quality for the price. This new Dyna-King vise will hold a hook as good as any of the other models in their line-up! Dyna-King has always been known for outstanding hook holding capability and high quality to boot. With 21 years experience it is no wonder. This is no cheap toy here.

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     Fly tiers: Dave Whitlock's Trout Fly Boxes revealed!

    Fly Tying  Ever wonder what Dave has in his Trout fly boxes? Well, now you'll know if you read below. Brought to you courtesy of the Federation of Fly Fishers.
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